El Mundo Study Abroad

Are you interested in spending a month living in Guatemala, meeting new people, making new friends, becoming a world traveler and learning/practicing Spanish?



This July I will take selected participants to travel throughout Guatemala.  We learn about other cultures, language and people.  We will live in local neighborhoods and attend great classes (Spanish, yoga, art, etc) Here are a few of the activities we plan to do …. hike a volcano, swim in lakes, take a tour of the Mangroves, volunteer at a local orphanage, explore ruins, visit the Pacific Ocean in Monterrico, help our friends on a farm, visit amazing buildings and beautiful historical sites, volunteer at a private school, etc.  Our days are full of learning and activity.  We are surrounded by the Spanish language and you can learn, practice or develop your Spanish language by speaking with local Guatemalans.  Here is a list of cities we plan to visit…  Tikal, Guatemala City, Panajachel, Antigua, Solola and Monterrico.  We may even head to Livingston and enjoy the Caribbean Ocean too. There are countless wonders to see and life lessons to learn.

In 2012 our family drove to Guatemala and our daughters have been begging us to take them back.  So, off we go…

Program Fee: $3900.00 ($3700.00 if deposit is paid by April 1, 2015)


Additional spending money may be needed to buy personal items (such as souvenirs and snacks, etc).

My goal is that each participant will return with a broader understanding of gratitude, appreciation, poverty, comfort zones and a stronger sense of ‘we’.

Each participant is required to have a valid U.S passport and travel insurance.

A little about me…. I began traveling as a teenager.  I backpacked through Europe with my two best friends when I was 17.  I’ve driven to Canada and across the country several times and lived in Cuernavaca and Guanajuato Mexico.  Our family backpacked central Mexico for three months and driven through Mexico to Guatemala where we lived and taught English.  For the last two years we’ve taken students to Cancun, Mexico and loved our experience there.  I love to travel and explore the world with my children.  I look forward to sharing these amazing learning experiences with your children!

Please contact Tobie Baxter-Spears with any additional questions and for your application at tobie_spears@hotmail.com or 801-830-0310.